A Poem

Alluring she is at the very first sight;
Extremely charming, can’t take off your eyes;
Urged to possess her though having no right.
No treasure could buy her grace for a price.

Deviant minds keep hunting for her;
Wanting to feast on the submissive her.
Suppressed, crushed while she stood up with valor
To guard her feminity in a fearless manner.

Women are roses delightful and wild
Despite trying so hard to be bold -
Like thorns,
She’s imposed to be as mild -
As petals. A beautiful object to behold.

-Blossom Concelia William




Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

I stood in the mirror for more than an hour;

Quite a long time I spent in the shower.

I must look pretty, today is no ordinary time.

It’s my school farewell and good old memories will chime.

Thinking about the days when I used to be small,

Friends and I during playtime would roll, jump and fall.

Were such dreamy kids wondering the life after school

But now wish to go back with a time travel tool.

Years of schooling is now just like a dream.

I realize that time played a very mean scheme.

“ It’s like yesterday you were three my darling, part well.

Time flies.” my mom said on the eve of my farewell.

-Blossom Concelia William



A poem

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

I fly across the oceans; On the clouds I nap.

I uncover strange treasures with a magical map.

I work with the Gods and I encounter a myth.

I slay some demons and the monsters they are with.

I am the queen of my own splendid kingdom

Where romancing a king is not a mandatory fandom.

I save the world from a dreadful apocalypse

With superpowers and a spell out of my lips.

I ventured off into an alternate dimension;

Into my dreams; Into the marvelous fiction.

When I wake up and when reality would shine,

I’ll be saddened but still the story will be mine.

-Blossom Concelia William