Necessary reforms that will create a wise youth and a better nation.

Over the years, business sharks have used our ignorance as a tool to do fraudulent things behind the scenes which is the sole reason for our country still being a ‘developing Nation’. Especially in Tamil Nadu, few business men and celebrities function together as an entity to poison the society. They have successfully designed youth with rusted brains who blindly run behind celebrities, youth who are slaves to social media and youth who would not know what is morally right or wrong. Sadly, we still remain ignorant. Here are some principles Which I started to follow and all of us must follow to reform our country from the wrong influence of Polititians, Business men and Celebrities.

1. Avoid foreign commercial goods and foreign places of interest when you are in in India.

We all will surely remember the Jallikattu protest where we sweared not to use foreign products ever again. People were hanging coca cola, pepsi and other such stuff to death. But the problem with we Tamil Nadu people is that, we are more likely to set Trends but not fulfill the actual purpose when it comes to social issues. How many of us are still fans of Pepsi, Coca Cola, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and Dominos? If the other countries are having Indian commercial goods, then it is good for them because they are already well developed. But in our country, our political leaders still did not find a way to overcome the high poverty and illiteracy rate. In this situation are foreign commercial goods that necessary?

2. Switch to organic and small scale industry products.

When I said organic, our immediate thoughts would be about farming and Agriculture. That’s right. Organic goods are original products with no processing which we can get directly from the agriculturists and farmers only locally. For many years, the highly commercial brands have been feeding us poison for a satisfyingly low cost. In this situation, getting good things itself is a blessing. So the comparatively high cost of the organic and small scale industrial products is not a surprise. As common people, switching to Organic and small scale industrial products is the only right thing we can do to keep ourselves healthy and provide justice to the farmers and agriculturists in Tamil Nadu.

3. Stop minding any celebrity’s business cuz they do’nt give a damn about you !

Watching Cinema and sports is only for entertainment and not your life unless you are an actor or sportsperson. Connecting them with our actual lives by the term ‘fanatics’ is total stupidity. We uselessly involve ourselves and waste our time and energy over celebrity-political controversies. As I mentioned earlier, in Tamil Nadu, the politicians and celebrities function together as an entity and use our craziness to gain their popularity. Finally, we are the loosers. When it comes to cinema, we have rights only on the acting and not on the actor’s personal life. In sports, we have rights only on the performance and not on the sports star’s personal life. Even they are people like us and they deserve to have a normal life and you deserve much better than being a fan.

4. Avoid business-clelebrity based entertainments like IPL cricket matches, Big Boss and other programmes of that kind.

World cups, olympics, commonwealth games and so on are the true platforms for sports. Sadly, cricket is not even there in olympics but still, Cricket IPL is equal to seeing a circus show where the artists perform for their payments. We enjoy seeing cricketers from all over the world perform in our country when there are already so much athletes who are longing for an opportunity to play for our nation. Should’nt we be ashamed for this? Also, TV shows like Bigg Boss and other reality shows featuring celebrities, fills their pockets but give nothing in turn. This kind of shows find success using our craziness.

There are still people among us, especially youth who do’nt even know that they are under wrong influence. As a responsible youth of Tamil Nadu and India, I have started to follow these principles and I also ask all of you to do so. If you feel I’m wrong, then it’s your choice. If you accept I’m right, then please try to implement these principles in yourselves and others. Each one teach one.



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Blossom Concelia William

Blossom Concelia William

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